Geo Engeneering /

Geo Engeneering /

Künstliche Bäume an der Autobahn könnten permanent Kohlendioxid aus der Luft filtern.
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Artificial or Mechanical Trees – This is the InstitutionÕs preferred concept of geo-engineering and works in a similar way to natural trees absorbing CO2 but will be several thousand times more effective. The report states a tree, manufactured at a cost of $20,000 dollars or circa £15,000 per unit could remove as much as 10 tonnes of CO2 a day. Indeed, if just 100,000 were created this would be sufficient to capture the whole of the UKÕs current emissions from non-stationery and dispersed emissions (ie transport pollution). The Ômechanical forestsÕ could be planted in areas such as our own M25 or even the North Sea!

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